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Jack Wilson Middleton


    In the spirit of that grace, we seek to meet you where you are while challenging you to be all God created you to be. We seek to strike a balance between head and heart.  We believe that God moves in personal experiences while, at the same calling us to a lifetime of learning in order to grow in our faith.     more...  

Revised Common Lectionary Readings

27 July 2014

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Genesis 29:15-28. The story of Jacob continues: The Trickster is tricked.
Romans 8:26-39. Our song with creation because of hope.
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52. Jesus tells five short parables of the kingdom of heaven and describes the work of a "scribe trained for the kingdom."

Color(s): Green
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DUMC YOUTS Lead Service

DUMC Headline 18 May 2014: Dranesville UMC Youths (a.k.a. "DUMY", a.k.a. "YOUTS", a.k.a "Call Me Anything But Late or Supper"), conducted Sunday services. Read their Sermons below.

Hannah's Sermon

Julia's Sermon

DUMC Veterans Past, Present, and Future

Special Veterans Newsletter (NEWSREEL)


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